David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature

Sandgreen Caravan Park joins the David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature 2022

The David Bellamy Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature launched last year and represents an opportunity for holiday parks to show off their green credentials. It’s named after the late botanist and environmental campaigner, who worked tirelessly to get people out into the countryside and enjoy nature.

Every year, the initiative will release a series of challenges and ask the parks involved to pick one to focus their efforts on.  This year, we have chosen to accept the “Pollinator Patch” challenge where we need to create areas where bees, butterflies, and other insects can get food.  We will be working with this throughout the 2022 season.

So far this year we have: planted some beautiful hanging baskets around the front of our office with bee-friendly and pollinating plants; installed a Bug Hotel in the Buddleia bed next to the reception building; created a wildflower rockery area next to the sales showground as a place where bees, butterflies and other insects can get plenty of food; planted a lovely little Willow tree across from the office to help us with our green credentials; maintained long grassy areas to provide a food source for bees and insects and encourage pollination; maintained the Buddleia bank at the side of the office allowing it to grow and flower naturally throughout the year to allow as much time for butterflies and other insects to pollinate. 

We will be creating a "Sandgreen Nature Trail Bingo" card for the children, and adults, of Sandgreen to take part in over the summer holidays. This is a great, fun way for the children to get involved in our Pollinator Patch work and learn, recognise and appreciate the many different species and habitats we have at Sandgreen Caravan Park.

Sandgreen Sanctuary’s – we would love for our customers to create their own little sanctuary for bees, butterflies, and insects to get food throughout the year. This could be done by planting up some pots on your deck with pollinating plants, or, you could buy or build your very own “Bug Hotel” to go on your decking.  We have had many customers create their own bug hotels at Sandgreen this year, which is great.  Thank you to everyone who is helping us on our Pollinator Patch mission this year!