Sandgreen's Quiet Space

Sandgreen's Quiet Space - an office space for all to use For Free!

We are delighted to now offer a brand new service to our customers.

Ever been enjoying your holiday or time away at Sandgreen and get an urgent email from work? Wish you could come on holiday to Sandgreen for the week but the kids have got revision to do? Got something you need to print or scan and email off to someone as soon as possible?

Don’t let this ruin your special time at Sandgreen – book a timed slot to use our dedicated office space!

In our meeting room in Reception, we have set up an office space for all to use. Our office space provides a quiet space for you to concentrate or have confidential work phone calls or zoom meetings, free WiFi, free printing supplies and printer, and a stationary set free to use!

Our office space is available now, so, if you need a quiet space for any reason while you are at Sandgreen, give our office a call and book out our office room.

Tel: 01557 814351