Buyer's Guide

We’re here to help…

Our team are here to help you have the easiest and most enjoyable journey you can when purchasing your ideal holiday home. 

Buying a holiday home and discovering your new lifestyle should be fun, so we’re here to make sure this is the case while ensuring you are fully informed to enable you to make the right decision for you and your family.  From choosing your holiday home and pitch, to completing all the siting and connection works, and completing a comprehensive handover into your new holiday home, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Annual Running Costs

Our Annual Running Costs are published, in full, covering any costs you may be charged throughout the year for the running of your holiday home.  We think it is extremely important to be totally transparent with our Annual Running Costs to help you do your calculations and work out if our park is the correct fit for you and your budget.   

Our Annual Costs are very competitive for the type of Park we operate within our area, and are reviewed annually, which means they do change year on year. 

To view our full list of Annual Running Costs, please follow the link below:

Our Annual Costs Explained

Pitch Fees Our Pitch Fees are the charge to you, each year, for you to keep your property (the holiday home) on our ground (the pitch).  Pitch Fee costs are dependent on the size of your holiday home.  Our Static Caravan fees start at 35ft x 12ft units, up to 40ft x 12ft and over.   Any caravan over 40ft x 12ft (480sq ft) will have the Large Van Premium added to their Pitch Fee Invoice for the appropriate additional square footage. 

Our Lodge fees are split between Single Lodges (up to 14ft wide), Twin Unit Lodges (up to 20ft wide), and Waterfront Pitch Fee (any size of unit). 

Pitch Fees are a one-off payment paid prior to 31st December each year, rather than a monthly rolling fee.  Pitch Fees are payable in advance of the start of the season, for example, when we look at the 2025 Season Fees, you would be invoiced for these in November 2024 with your invoice being payable by 31st December 2024.

Rates & Environmental ChargesThis fee covers Rates, water, refuse collection, and drainage charges across the park.  We calculate this charge by gathering the invoices we receive for each of the services mentioned, adding these up, and dividing the overall total by the number of holiday homes on our Park.  This is a one-off payment paid prior to 30th September each year.  This fee is charged out 6 months in advance and 6 months in arrears.  For example, when looking at the 2024 Season Charge, you would receive an invoice for this in August 2024 being payable by 30th September 2024.  The fees charged on your invoice would cover the period 1st April 2024 to 31st March 2025. 

Electricity CostsEach pitch at Sandgreen has its own individual electricity meter and we read these every two months.  We read the meters a little more frequently than most other parks normally will, and this is due to the recent price increases we have all experienced in utilities costs.  When we read the meters and invoice for usage more regularly, it means our customers are not getting an invoice for a larger period of usage, and therefore, a larger amount of money to pay at once. 

Once we read your meter and process your reading, we will then send you an invoice for the units you have used, plus the standing charge for the number of days between your previous reading and your new reading. 

All of our electricity meters have a glass screen showing your reading, so customers are able to monitor their own usage and keep track of their readings if they so wish. 

It is very difficult for us to estimate how much electricity you may use in a season.  This depends on many factors such as: how often you visit and how long you stay in your holiday home, which appliances you use and the frequency and length of appliance usage.  You will, as expected, use more electricity during the autumn and winter months. 

Gas CostsWe have a mixture of bulk gas and bottled gas connections on our park.  Most of our Lodges run on bulk gas, with the majority of our caravans running on bottled gas. 

For holiday homes with a bulk gas connection, your pitch will have its own individual gas meter and will be monitored, read, and invoiced in the exact same way as electricity is. 

For holiday homes with bottled gas connection, your holiday home will always be connected to two gas bottles – one which your caravan will be using off, and one in which your caravan will use as backup when your first bottle runs out. 

When you have an empty bottle at your pitch, all you need to do is call or visit our office, order and pay for a new bottle, and our team will take care of everything else for you.  We will deliver your new bottle the same day, disconnect your empty bottle, connect your new bottle, and reset your regulator.  Currently (June 2024), the price for a 47kg Gas Bottle is £107.00 (inc VAT).

Similar to electricity, it is very difficult to estimate how much gas you may use in a season.  This depends on many factors such as: how often you visit and how long you stay in your holiday home, which appliances you use and the frequency and length of appliance usage.  You will, as expected, use more gas during the autumn and winter months. 

Annual Gas Safety TestFor Health and Safety, each holiday home must have an Annual Gas Safety Test carried out. If you wish for our Gas Safe Registered Engineer to carry this out, this is charged out per gas appliance tested within your holiday home, for example, boiler, hob and oven, gas fire.

Postal Correspondence Admin FeeThis charge is only applicable to customers who do not wish to receive correspondence by email and would rather receive everything by post.  This is a one-off payment, payable by 1st March each year.

Visitor LicenceA Visitor Licence is only needed if someone out with your immediate family will be staying or visiting your holiday home in your absence.

When you are staying in your holiday home, you can, of course, have any visitors you wish stay with you. 

When you are not staying in your holiday home, immediate family members can visit and stay in your holiday home without the need for a Visitor Licence.  Immediate family is classed as your spouse, civil partner, parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister, the spouse of any of those persons and treating the stepchild of any person as his/her child.

If anyone out with immediate family is using or staying in your holiday home when you are not, you, as the Holiday Home Owner, would need to apply for and submit a Visitor Licence to our office for approval.  The form is very straight forward and easy to complete and asks for your details and the details of your holiday home, your visitors details including name, address, contact number, emergency contact number, car registration, and the dates of their visit.  Each Visitor Licence allows them to stay up to 7 days and there is a charge per Visitor Licence.  As we do not allow subletting on Sandgreen, there is a maximum limit of 4 Visitor Licence allowed per year.

The reason we operate a Visitor Licence is to prevent unknown people staying on Sandgreen.  It helps us keep Sandgreen Caravan Park as safe and enjoyable as we can.

Additional Costs to Consider

Holiday Home Insurance – you will need to arrange Holiday Home Insurance which will incur an annual Premium cost to you.  We can assist by giving you contact details for our recommended providers.

WiFi – you may wish to arrange Wi-Fi in your holiday home which could incur additional monthly charges to you.

Boat Registration Fees and Craft Insurance – If you decide to bring your boat onto Sandgreen, you will be required to register your craft with our office, pay a registration fee, and provide us with proof of your craft insurance.  The Boat Registration Fee depends on the size of your craft, starting at £131.25 (inc VAT) for crafts between 10ft and 12ft, up to £441.00 (inc VAT) for crafts 16ft and over (Based on 2024 Prices). This is an annual cost and you are required to register your boat with our office at the start of each season.

Winter Drain Down Procedure – each holiday home should be fully drained down each winter to protect from frost damage.  If you wish our team to carry out the drain down in winter and the reconnection in spring, there is a charge for this.  The current charge for this is £207 (inc VAT) for a caravan or single lodge with central heating, and £235 (inc VAT) for a Twin Unit lodge with central heating (Based on Winter 2023 Prices).  We send information and current pricing for this service to each customer around September each year.

Holiday Home Age Limits

We do have an age limit for the holiday homes at Sandgreen.  The age limit for Static Caravans is 15 years, and the age limit for our Lodges (Single and Twin) are 20 years and this runs from the year of manufacture. 

For example, if you were buying a 2024 model static caravan, your holiday home could stay on Sandgreen up to the end of the 2039 season.   If you were buying a pre-owned 2016 model static caravan, your holiday home could stay on Sandgreen up to the end of the 2031 season.

Once your holiday home reaches the end of its age limit (Licence Term), it could no longer stay at Sandgreen and if you wished to carry on holiday home ownership, you would be required to upgrade to a new or newer holiday home. 

Season Lengths

Our standard static caravan season is 10-months running from 1st March to 5th January each year.

Our standard lodge season is 11-months running from 1st March to 31st January each year.

If we have any pre-owned caravans for sale which are part of an Owner-to-Owner sale (where an existing customer on park choses to sell their holiday home), it may be the case that this holiday home would be sold on the terms of a previous Licence where the standard season length is different to what we operate now.  If this is the case, this holiday home would be sold with a standard 8-month season running 1st March to 31st October each year with the option to purchase an extension to this each year taking you up to 5th January.  You do have the option to purchase a Winter Extension for any year.

Park Rules

At Sandgreen, our Park Rules are in place to protect owners, our team, and visitors, for Health and Safety purposes, and to protect our park.

Our current Park Rules can be found by following the link below:

The Park Rules form part of the Licence to occupy your pitch at Sandgreen and so it is important that you, and your family, friends and visitors to the park adhere to the Park Rules. 

We are completely transparent with our Park Rules, and it is important that you have a read through these when considering holiday home ownership at Sandgreen to make sure you are happy, and able, to adhere to these.  Failure to comply with the Park Rules could lead to losing your right to occupy a Pitch on Sandgreen.

Park Facilities

Facilities on offer at Sandgreen include:

  • Customer Laundry – this consists of two industrial sized washers and dryers.  All customers are free to use the laundry at any time and tokens for the washers and dryers can be purchased from our Reception.
  • Electric Car Charging Point
  • Children’s Play Park – our Play Park is designed for children aged 12 years and younger, therefore, adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Beach Shower
  • And of course, the main event, our stunning private beach!

We also have:

  • Reception open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm
  • Onsite Emergency Warden on call out of office hours
  • Emergency Defib located on the outside of the Warden’s house
  • Fully trained Maintenance Team
  • Caravan Sales Showground
  • Recycling and Refuse Point
  • First Aid Trained staff members

Holiday Home Warranty

Brand New Holiday HomesEach brand-new holiday home comes with the full Manufacturers Warranty.  This varies between manufacturers, but is usually split into three categories, for example: Around 3 years warranty for items like furniture, shower cubicles, taps and sanitaryware and baths, radiators, internal doors, gutters and downpipes, cladding, sockets and switches; Around 5 years structural warranty; and around 10 years warranty on a fully galvanised chassis. 

Full warranty information for each manufacturer is available on request for you to look through prior to purchasing your holiday home. 

Pre-Owned Holiday HomesFor each of our own pre-owned holiday homes, we offer a 3-month warranty, repair or replacement, on boilers, windows, cookers, and fridges. 

Holiday Homes which are part of a Private Sale (Owner to Owner Sales)As you are purchasing your holiday home on Sandgreen from a private customer, there is no warranty included with these pre-owned units.  Any customer selling a holiday home on Sandgreen does, however, have to confirm the following to us:

  • The holiday home, its contents and external structures are of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.
  • Any decking and walkway meet required standards/dimensions and are of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.
  • A refresh Gas Safety Test is carried out prior to any new customer taking ownership.

Budget for Buying a Holiday Home

We know it can feel like an awkward conversation, but it shouldn’t be…lets talk about budgets! 

To ensure we can help you find your ideal holiday home at Sandgreen, and so we can show you the stock units that are right for you (and your budget!), it is essential you share with us a realistic budget for what you are looking to spend on a holiday home. 

When you are calculating your available budget, there are some important things to note.

The advertised price of our holiday homes for sale include transport to our park (if they are pre-order units), siting and connection to all services on the pitch, skirting and a set of steps, one 47kg Gas bottle, and one Gas Safety Test. 

This means, on top of the purchase price advertised, you may need to also think about the following when budgeting:

Decking – unless otherwise stated within the sales particulars for a unit, the purchase price does not include decking.  Depending on the size of your holiday home, the style of decking, and any optional extra you may wish to add to the decking, you could be looking at anything between £4,500 and £7,500 for decking (2024 Prices).

Pitch Fees and Other Charges – You will be responsible for paying fees on your holiday home from the date you move in, therefore, it is wise to budget your first years’ worth of fees along with your budget for buying a holiday home.

Additional Options for your Holiday Home – If you would be looking to get, for example, Wi-Fi, TV and Satellite dish set up, a shed built, etc straight away at your holiday home when you move in, it is recommended to add a little extra to your budget for these items.  Unfortunately, we do not offer any of these services to our customers, but are more than happy to give you phone numbers for the local TV Engineer, and a joiner who would be able to build your Sandgreen shed to enable you to obtain quotes to help you with budgeting.

Research Multiple Holiday Parks

Purchasing a holiday home is one of the biggest decisions and purchases you make.  Therefore, we feel it is important that you do your research, narrow down the location you would like to be in, have a look at different parks and find out what type of holiday park you are looking for and what is important to you and your family when looking for a holiday home on a caravan park.  This is essential to make sure, when you do decide to purchase, you are making the best decision for you and your family to be able to enjoy your holiday home as you have always wished and imagined. 

We want you to love coming to Sandgreen, love spending time in your holiday home, and love exploring the surrounding area. 

Buying a holiday home on a holiday park is not a decision to be rushed.  So, visit different parks, find out how they operate, understand what they can offer you, and make sure you fully understand what holiday home ownership entails before you make the decision. 

There will always be stunning holiday homes that are perfect for you to buy on any park, but THE most important step in your holiday home purchase journey is finding the perfect park and pitch!  So, make this top of your to do list!