Our Story

Sandgreen Caravan Park is a holiday park on the coast of southwest Scotland with a mix of static caravans and lodges.  Sandgreen is a very natural park with its own private beach on the Fleet Bay estuary and is situated on gentle sloping land that extends to 42.20 acres.   

The land at Sandgreen has been owned by the same family for decades.  Before the park was established, the land was used primarily for pastoral farming.  The land was taken out of the farm prior to the 1914 War with a view to develop.  In 1934 plans were submitted for the land to be developed into a championship golf course and LMS Railway were interested in building a hotel on the land, however, following their building of Leeds Station Hotel, nothing came of this. 

A warden’s house and shop were built at Sandgreen circa 1950.

Touring caravans regularly visited Sandgreen prior to the 1939 War but when planning permission was sought later, it was initially opposed by the County Council.  The case was later presented by the Chairman of the Scottish Land Court and President of the Scottish Lands Tribunal where it was settled and proved that Sandgreen had been an informal site pre- 1947. 

In 1964, the Crown Commissioners confirmed Sandgreen owned the foreshore. 

In 2003 Sandgreen moved from a touring caravan park to a static and lodge park where planning permission was granted for 260 holiday homes. 

Sandgreen today is still owned by the same family.