Holiday Home Ownership FAQ’s

Do you offer finance packages?

We do not offer any finance packages, however, speak with your bank, or any high street bank, who should be able to help and give you further information and advice regarding financing a static caravan or lodge.

How much are the site fees?

Our Annual Running Costs are published, in full, covering any costs you may be charged throughout the year for the running of your holiday home.  We think it is extremely important to be totally transparent with our Annual Running Costs to help you do your calculations and work out if our park is the correct fit for you and your budget.   

Our Annual Costs are very competitive for the type of Park we operate within our area, and are reviewed annually, which means they do change year on year. 

To view our full list of Annual Running Costs, please follow the link below:

For a breakdown of the Annual Costs, please follow the link below to our "Annual Costs Explained" section in the Buyer's Guide page: 

What other running costs are there each year?

Annual Costs include Pitch Fees, Rates & Environmental Charges, Annual Gas Safety Test, Electricity, Gas, Holiday Home Insurance. 

For further information on our Annual Running Costs visit our “Buyer’s Guide” page here:

Do your Annual Costs increase frequently or are they fixed prices?

Our Annual Costs are reviewed each year, usually around October/November.  This means that the fees do change each year.  However, the fees we publish for that year are fixed.  For example, when we send the new fees out for the 2025 season, the prices published will remain the same for the full 2025 season.

Are you open all year round?

No.  The standard season for caravan holiday homes at Sandgreen is 10-months (1st March to 5th January).  The standard season for lodge holiday homes at Sandgreen is 11-months (1st March to 31st January).  The Park closes to all in February.

Don’t worry though, our team are here, and our office is open all year round so there is always someone available to help you, and also keep an eye on your holiday home when you are not here during the closed period.

Do you sell pre-owned holiday homes, as well as brand new?

Yes, we do.  We have a range of holiday homes available to suit most budgets.  To view our list of holiday homes available, please follow this link:

As an owner, how easy is it to upgrade my holiday home?

You can upgrade your holiday home at any time.  There are a couple of options for this.

1/            If you were looking to stay on your current pitch and upgrade to a new holiday home, we can remove your existing holiday home from your pitch, site and connect your new holiday home all ready for you to move in.  This means that there would be a period of time in which you would not be able to visit Sandgreen while we are carrying out these works, but it is all worth it to enjoy a beautiful new holiday home!  With regards to your existing holiday home, we can look at part exchange options when you are upgrading to a new holiday home, or, you have the choice to sell your holiday home yourself, off park privately. 

2/            If you were looking to move to a different pitch with your new holiday home, this is also an option.  Our team would get your new holiday home sited and connected ready for you to move into on your new pitch.  Depending on the age of your existing holiday home, you may have the option to sell it on your existing pitch, or we may be able to look at part exchange options for this, or finally, you could sell it off park privately.

Once I have chosen a pitch, is it then my pitch for an indefinite time until I give you notice of my intention to end holiday home ownership at Sandgreen?

Not necessarily.  When you purchase a holiday home at Sandgreen, you will enter into an agreement which entitles you to keep your holiday home on our ground.  Within this agreement there are obligations, for both us and you, for you to continue to keep your holiday home on our ground for the term of your agreement.  If any of your obligations were broken, there were issues throughout your agreement term, or something happened in where the relationship had totally broken down between us, we may terminate your Licence Agreement and ask you to leave the park.  This could be at any time throughout the agreement term.

If when your agreement term ends, and you were looking to upgrade your holiday home but wished to stay on the same pitch, if, for example, we had intended development works planned for your pitch and/or surrounding area, we may not be able to allow a new agreement to be taken on your existing pitch.  You would then have the opportunity to choose a new pitch on Sandgreen to have your new holiday home. 

It should be noted, both of these scenarios are not something that happen often, in fact this very rarely happens at Sandgreen, but it is important you have the full facts on this in order to make an informed decision.

As an owner how easy is it to sell my holiday home?

You can sell your holiday home at Sandgreen at any time. 

If your holiday home is 10 years or under, you are able to sell it on its current pitch with decking, shed, etc.  This would be classed as an “Owner to Owner” or “Private” sale.  You would be the Seller of the holiday home, and we would act as the middleman between yourself and any interested purchaser.  We would take photographs of your holiday home, create marketing materials, advertise your holiday home for sale in our office and online, carry out any viewings on your behalf, and deal with the transfer of the Licence Agreement from you to the new owners.  We do take a commission for this.  For caravan sales it is 15% plus VAT of the selling price.  For lodges it is 10% plus VAT of the selling price.

If your holiday home is over 10 years old, due to the age limit we have at Sandgreen, you would not be able to resell on the park and you would have to sell off-park, privately (for example, to another caravan park, to a person building a house and needing temporary accommodation, to a caravan dealer).  In this scenario: we would need to disconnect your holiday home from the pitch services; de-site your holiday home; clear the pitch and dispose of all external structures such as decking, shed, skirting; and move your holiday home off pitch down into our car park ready for your/the purchasers transport to come in and collect.  There is a charge payable for this.  Charges depend on whether it is a caravan or lodge, whether you have decking, shed, etc that need to be disposed of.  Prices for this vary year on year and the current charges for this are available on request.

What onsite facilities do you offer?

Facilities on offer at Sandgreen include:

  • Customer Laundry – this consists of two industrial sized washers and dryers.  All customers are free to use the laundry at any time and tokens for the washers and dryers can be purchased from our Reception.
  • Electric Car Charging Point
  • Children’s Play Park – our Play Park is designed for children aged 12 years and younger, therefore, adult supervision is required at all times.
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Beach Shower
  • And of course, the main event, our stunning private beach!

We also have:

  • Reception open 7 days a week, 9am to 5pm
  • Onsite Emergency Warden on call out of office hours
  • Emergency Defib located on the outside of the Warden’s house
  • Fully trained Maintenance Team
  • Caravan Sales Showground
  • Recycling and Refuse Point
  • First Aid Trained staff members

Can I use my caravan or lodge as a residential home or address?

No, definitely not.  We are not a residential park and therefore operate under a Holiday Licence only.  Therefore, no customers on Sandgreen can use their holiday home as their residential, or main, home.  Due to this, a maximum of 6 weeks ongoing use is allowed per visit to your holiday home.  Annual checks are carried out where customers are required to provide us with proof of their residential address.

Do I sign a contract of some sort when buying a holiday home at Sandgreen?

Yes.  When you purchase a holiday home at Sandgreen, you will enter into a British Holiday & Home Parks Association Licence Agreement.  This states the obligations you and us need to follow in order for your holiday home to stay on Sandgreen.  A copy of our Licence Agreement is available on request.  It should be noted that no terms within the Licence Agreement are negotiable or changeable.  It is crucial that you read this document carefully prior to signing.

Do I need a solicitor or conveyancing team to deal with the purchase of a holiday home at Sandgreen?

No.  Buying a holiday home is not the same as purchasing a bricks and mortar property.  Therefore, there is no need to instruct a solicitor or conveyancing team. 

Do you allow pets?

Yes - We love pets, so your pets are always welcome! 

All of our team members are pet owners, and we know how much of an important part of the family your pets are.  That’s why at Sandgreen, we make your pets just as welcome as you!  We offer ample dog waste bins throughout the park, we have amazing dog walks around Sandgreen and the local area, we have a dog water station outside our Reception, and even dedicated doggy parking areas at our Play Park, making sure the whole family can enjoy an afternoon at the Park without issue.         

We also have a few customers who bring their cats on holiday to Sandgreen.  Just bear in mind, if letting cats out and about on the park, there is a range of wildlife in and around the park which can tempt your cat to stray further afield.

Are there any transport links to your park?

No.  One of the beauties of Sandgreen is our rural location.  There is a local taxi firm in Gatehouse of Fleet who do drop offs and pick ups at Sandgreen.  The nearest bus stop is in Gatehouse of Fleet (our closest town being around 4 miles away).  The nearest train station is in Dumfries being around an hour away from Sandgreen. 

Do I need a TV Licence if I had a TV in my holiday home?

Possibly.  If when you will be visiting and staying at your holiday home at Sandgreen there will be someone else at your main property address watching TV at the same time, you will need to get a separate TV Licence for your holiday home.  If your TV at home will not be in use while you use your TV at Sandgreen, then you will not need a second TV Licence and the one for your residential address will then cover your caravan TV.

Do you have a problem with midges at Sandgreen?

No.  We do have the odd midge at Sandgreen, but, as we are so close to the sea, the sea breeze tends to keep any midges at bay!

Do your holiday homes come with everything in them as I see it when I view?

When viewing any of our own stock units, yes – everything you see in the holiday home at the time of viewing will be included in the sale (for example, curtains, tables and chairs, mattresses, cushions). 

If you are viewing a Private Sale unit, this may not be the case.  Sometimes when we have an existing owner on the park selling their holiday home, they are still using their holiday home when it is on the market, and therefore, all of their personal items may still be in the caravan when you view.  In this case, an inventory list will be provided letting you know what exactly is being included in the sale.

How close are you REALLY to the beach?

REALLY close!  From anywhere on the park, you will only be at maximum a few minutes’ walk onto our beach.  You do not need to cross any road to get to the beach, it is attached to our park.  Some holiday homes are sited right on the waterfront, however, even the holiday homes at the furthest point away from the beach are only a short walk away.

Do you have any rental accommodation units on your park?

Yes, we do.  We have a small hire fleet of 8 units currently, with the majority of the holiday homes on Sandgreen being privately owned.  Our rental units are advertised on our website, and we also list them through Hoseasons.  You can find out more information on our hire fleet, and their locations, on this link:

Are the houses along the waterfront linked to Sandgreen Caravan Park?

No, they are not connected to the operation of our Park at all.  The owners of these properties have access through our park, but we do not own the properties – they are simply our neighbours.

Do you offer customers any help with annual maintenance of the holiday home?

Yes, we do.  We are here anytime you need us to help with the upkeep and maintenance of your holiday home.  We offer a range of maintenance and packages covering everything from cutting the grass at your pitch, cleaning the gutters and internal repairs, to washing your decking, decking repairs, and external repairs to your holiday home.  We are here to help when you need us!

Can I relocate my existing holiday home to your park?

At the moment, unfortunately not.  We have a limited number of pitches available and therefore are unable to accept any relocations at this time.

If I find a holiday home for sale elsewhere, can I buy it to put on your park?

No, all holiday homes must be purchased from our available stock.  A full list of our available holiday homes can be found here:

What is included in the advertised selling price of a holiday home?

The advertised price of our holiday homes for sale include transport to our park (if they are pre-order units), siting and connection to all services on the pitch, skirting and a set of steps, one 47kg Gas bottle, and one Gas Safety Test. 

What options are available for decking?

All decking built at Sandgreen is made of timber.  Decking at Sandgreen is built to a certain size specification.  All decking is built in the same design where you have a walkway running along the doorside of your holiday home and a balcony out to the front of your holiday home (an L-shaped structure).  The standard decking built at Sandgreen is 2m out to the front with a 1m wide walkway down the doorside.  You may, if your pitch allows it, be able to have an extension to the front deck making it a maximum of 2.5m to the front.  It should be noted however, for caravans, if you opt for an extended deck, there is a premium to pay on your Pitch Fees each year for this, as you are occupying more ground.  The current Extended Deck Premium charge can be found on our Annual Costs list here:

Once you have agreed on the size of deck you are having, you can then decide on the style. 

There are four options for this:

1/            Horizontal Boards

2/            Vertical Spindles

3/            Any of the above styles on the walkway, with Glass Panels at the front of your deck

4/            Glass panels all the way around

A full information and advice sheet on decking options available at Sandgreen is available on request.

Can I sublet or hire my holiday home out?

No, definitely not.  Subletting is strictly prohibited at Sandgreen.

Are you part of a bigger chain like Hoseasons or Park Dean?

No.  Sandgreen is an independent family-owned holiday park.  You may see Sandgreen advertised via Hoseasons, however, this is only because we list our hire units with them.  We are not linked to Hoseasons in any other way, and they only deal with the hire units on Sandgreen.

If I wish to go ahead with a purchase, what are the next steps and how do I secure the holiday home?

Once you have made the decision to purchase a holiday home at Sandgreen, to secure the unit and take it off the market, we require a 20% deposit.  The remaining balance of the purchase price is payable either within 4 weeks from the date you pay the deposit, or one week prior to handover into your new holiday home, whichever is earlier.