Our Green Credentials

Sandgreen Green Credentials - Drive through the Future!

Here at Sandgreen we do everything we can to have as little environmental impact as possible.  We are always trying to do more and constantly looking for new ideas - any suggestions would be welcomed. 

Here are some simple steps we employ throughout our every day to help us Go Green!

-   The heating is turned off in all our hire fleets units until the morning of arrival.

-   The office lights are always turned off when not in use and the office thermostat is turned down.

-   We are all about reusing - anything that can be reused, is!

-   We print anything we can double sided.

-   We use scrap paper whenever we can.

-   We have recycling bins on the park for glass, general waste and dry mixed recycling.

-   We use energy saving light bulbs in the hire fleet units and office.

-   We use OceanHero as our main search enginer.  For every five searches we make, OceanHero recovers an ocean bound plastic bottle.