Our Green Journey - First Steps

Sandgreen's steps to becoming more environmentally friendly.

2020 will see us making a concerted effort to become more environmentally friendly.  We are learning about ways in which Sandgreen can help reduce its carbon footprint and taking small steps to run a greener organisation.   One of the first things we have done is to ensure that all our staff use the Ocean Hero web browser.  We were told about this by Harvey Sutton, Elspeth Sutton's 10 year old son who had carried out research for a school project and discovered the site.  It is really simple to set up and use .

In a nutshell, every time you carry out a search on the web browser it adds up and for every 5 searches, Ocean Hero will recover one ocean bound plastic bottle.

It is amazing to see how many actual searches you complete in a day - try it, you will be surprised.

You too can easily swap - to find out how the scheme works, follow this link


As we said, small steps but hopefully, all these small steps will add up to make a difference.