Sandgreen Caravan Park Drives Sustainability with Play it Green

Sandgreen Caravan Park Drives Sustainability with Play it Green

We have partnered with Play it Green to make our workforce Climate Positive, lower our carbon footprint, and give back to a good cause.  Play it Green is an organisation who employ a 3 Step Solution to Climate Change: REDUCE carbon footprints; REPAIR the planet and rebalance carbon footprints by planting trees; and REGIVE 10% of all revenues to a good cause. 

Here at Sandgreen, we do everything we can to have as little environmental impact as possible.  It is important to us that, as a business, we help in any way we can to make the future brighter and take positive steps for the planet.  We are always trying to do more and constantly looking for new ideas – signing up to the Climate Positive Workforce scheme with Play it Green was a no-brainer and an excellent, manageable way to rebalance our employee’s carbon footprints, educate our staff on sustainability and help in repairing the planet.

Through our partnership with Play it Green, we are provided with weekly tips and tools to lower our carbon footprint and accelerate our journey to net-zero, while also making an immediate environmental and social impact through the trees we plant.

Enough trees are planted every month to more than rebalance the carbon footprint of our staff’s personal lives and all their work-related travel. This helps lift vulnerable people out of poverty, as they are employed not only to plant but to care for the trees as they grow in developing areas of the world.  Everyone who signs up to Play it Green receive their own webpage called a "Forest Garden".  This shows how many trees we have planted and our resulting carbon offset.  You can track how many trees Sandgreen have planted by following the link below to the Sandgreen Caravan Park Forest Garden:

Sandgreen Caravan Park Forest Garden

Through Play it Green’s unique three-step solution to climate change, a tenth of all revenues also go to a good cause. We have chosen to support Sea Shepherd UK; a non-profit marine wildlife conservation organisation working to protect marine life and ecosystems around the world’s coasts.